Korzyści z wdrożenia Ads Data Hub

Why do I need Ads Data Hub?

ADH allows you to answer key questions:

  • Do marketing campaigns dive incremental users and sales?
  • What are the current and potential customers' shopping paths?
  • What is the reach of all advertising activities?
  • How many times do I need to display an ad to convince a user to buy?
  • After which impression does the ad lose performance?
  • How to maximize revenue from advertising campaigns?

What is Ads Data Hub

Ads Data Hub is a tool based on Google Cloud infrastructure. Using BigQuery allows you to access detailed data on user groups in a secure environment, consistent with the privacy policy.

ADH uses aggregated data, thus protecting user privacy.

ADH allows you to analyze data at the level of display from both the Google Marketing Platform tool as well as YouTube and Google Display Network and combine them with events on the advertiser's website.

The tools can be used to build attribution models, based on e.g. visible ad impressions, incremental testing and conversion path analysis. It is currently the most powerful and advanced tool for analyzing the effectiveness of online advertising.

Ads Data Hub

How we work



It is an important point because we create recommendations and strategies tailored to your business based on this.



We know how important is to plan the project properly typically it is preceded by an intensive workshop, on this basis we prepare the final strategy for our clients.



We support pointwise and long-term comprehensive orders.



After consultations and learning about the business, we prepare dedicated training and workshops for team members, which are conducted by our experts - practitioners.

How to start working on ADH?

SalesTube is the official partner of Google in the area of implementation and use of ADH. Contact us and we will adapt the ADH capabilities for the needs of your business and conduct training for your team.